Terms and conditions

Article 1 - Duration of offer validity

Unless otherwise indicated, our offers are valid for a period of 30 calendar days. We are only bound by our offers if the Client acceptance reaches us within this period. The changes to our offers are only valid if accepted by us in writing.

Article 2 - Client Payment

Invoices are payable under the terms and within the period indicated in the offer. If payments are delayed, the amounts due shall bear interest naturally and without notice. This rate is 1% per month.

Similarly, unpaid amounts due by the Client are increased automatically and without notice by a lump sum of 10% of the outstanding amount with a minimum of 125 €.

Article 3 - Price Adjustment

Even in case of a total package, any changes in salaries, benefits, cost of materials or transportation, give rise to a price adjustment to be made at the relevant billing for work performed according to the formula proposed by the Belgian Confederation of Construction.

Article 4 - Unforeseen constraints

All reasonably unforeseeable and unavoidable (when submitting the offer) circumstances, that would make execution more difficult or onerous on a financial plan or another beyond the normal forecast, will be considered as force majeure, and will require the revision or termination of the offer.

If these circumstances are likely to cause disruption of work, the time limit is automatically extended for the duration of interruption, plus the time required for extra travel.

Article 5 - Additional changes and work

Even in case of a total package, any changes or additional work ordered by the Client that will affect pricing may be proved by all legal means.

Article 6 - Working days and time frame

Unless otherwise agreed, our delivery deadlines are set in working days.

Not considered as working days are: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, days of annual vacation and compensatory rest and the days the work was or should have been, due to weather conditions or their consequences, made impossible for at least 4 hours.

Article 7 - Termination

If the Client renounces completely or partially the agreed work, pursuant to art. 1794 C. civ., the Client is required to indemnify us of all our expenses, of all our work and missed profit, assessed at 20% of the amount of work not performed, without prejudice to our right to prove our real damage in the event the latter would be higher.

Article 8 - Transfer of risks

The transfer of risks referred to in Articles 1788 and 1789 of the Civil Code is regulated and measured by the performance of work or delivery of materials, goods or facilities.

Article 9 - Retention of property

Even after incorporation, the materials delivered under this agreement remain the property of the contractor and the Client is the holder. The contractor may remove and recover the materials without client authorization. This right shall expire and the property is transferred as soon as the Client has paid all its debts to the contractor.

In case of question of the right of recovery, the contractor can keep the installments paid as compensation for his injury. When the contractor exercises this right, it shall inform the Client by registered letter and it is presumed to have been read by the second business day following the mailing.

Article 10 - Disputes

In case of dispute concerning the validity, performance or interpretation of this contract, the courts of the contractor's place of registration will be competent.

Before going to court, any dispute regarding technical work performed on behalf of an individual for private purposes may, at the request of a concerned stakeholder of the building, be brought before the Conciliation Commission Building, Space Jacquemotte Street Haute 139, 1000 Brussels.